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          首頁 > D > donning怎么讀,donning什么意思,donning短語和例句


          收錄時間:2022-09-08 13:55:27


          英 美 
          • v. 穿上;戴上(don 的現在分詞)

          donning 常用短語

          don juann. 唐璜(西班牙傳說人物);淫蕩者;游手好閑者

          don giovanni唐喬凡尼(莫扎特于1787年作的歌?。?/p>

          donning 常用句子

          1.Other people turn stair-climbing into a serious sport, donning running clothes and shoes before they hit the steps.


          2.As I gown up to spray my apple trees, donning face mask, hat and boots, I \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 'm thinking that, like Adam, I may be ready to bite.


          3."I can't believe how cold it has been," said Abdullah, 28, donning a thick coat over his spotless robe.


          4.That was my life at that moment, and though re-donning the veil was a fiction, it was a fiction filled with truth.


          5.For those donning the suits for either the first, or the last time, remember, there are things you need to do to take full advantage of the suits.


          6.I've always been girly —obsessed with dresses, sparkles, and the color pink, donning felt poodle skirts for Halloween and loving makeup.


          7.'and take the Compleat Fortune-Teller to the outhouse,' Joan continued, rapidly wiping her hands, and donning the garments.


          8.Low - there's nothing glitzy about donning a greasy spoon pinny, and she adopts a cockney accent to fit in with the East End setting.


          9.Donning this gorgeous necklace close to her heart, she can feel your love at all times.