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          首頁 > D > deaeration怎么讀,deaeration什么意思,deaeration短語和例句


          收錄時間:2022-09-08 14:02:47


          英 [?di?e?r?e???n]美 [?di?e?r?e???n]
          • n. [油氣][化工] 脫氣;通風

          deaeration 常用句子

          1.Deaerating technical analysis of a variety of features and applications are presented, and the application of vacuum deaeration in the power plant condenser is elaborated.


          2.The mixture of clear wine and deaeration water control the deaeration water flux through modules, and ensure its precision.


          3.Sends the pliers is generally refers to the blood the deaeration hemoglobin to increase, sends the skin with to drill the membrane to assume the indigo blue the phenomenon.


          4.The waste heat power station in cement plant is closely related to the operation of cement kiln, whose fluctuation has an seriously effect on the boiler feed water deaeration result.


          5.The results of circulated heating of the deaeration heating systems were com-pared by using steam injector to replace the hot water circulation pump.


          6.The waterfeeding recirculation header pipe will be set between water-feeding pump and deaeration water tank to fulfill requirements for start-up and low load operation of waterfeeding pump.


          7.ZKJ series vacuum deaeration mixer applicable leather chemical industry, PVC plastic, belt conveyor, printing ink, adhesives, specialpaint, etc.


          8.In the vacuum dispersing kettle air bubble and solvent vitalization shall be restrained, deaeration of materials shall be accelerated, dispersion efficiency shall be enhanced.